Tibetan Mastiff

I would like to thank the Crufts committee for giving me the honour of judging my breed at Crufts for the second time. I would also like to thank my two charming stewards, who kept the ring running smoothly.  Thanks to all the exhibitors who gave me an entry and allowed me the privilege of going over their dogs.  There were some really excellent specimens of the breed here today, but regretfully the majority from overseas.  Overall in the UK I feel our breed is not as strong as it was ten years back.  We do have some excellent dogs here, that can compete with the best, but I feel they are getting fewer and far between of late. 

VD (1,0) 1 Ciprian’s CIB/ROM/HUN/AUST/GER Ch. Chenporewa Kam-Bu Kalsange. A nine and half year old black and tan male, who I have always admired.  A dog of excellent size and proportions, well-constructed and lovely head of correct proportions.  Carrying good a coat, presented and handled to perfection.  Best Veteran and challenged hard for the RCC, but had to give way to younger dog. 

PD (2) 1 Hollifield, Humphreys & Biddle’s Richearon Pasang. Seven and half month old black and tan boy. Good size for his age, lovely head developing for his age, just needs to broaden, which it will do it time, correct ear placement and eye set. Good tail set and carried well.  Moved well, maintaining his topline, but a little loose behind. 2 Cordley & Gibbs Richearon Bungle Bear. Seven and half month black and tan litter brother to first.  Not so mature, and not at all happy today, think he just found it all too much for him. Nice head coming, with good ears and eyes. Good tail set. Just needs to tighten up all around and with more training should settle down and mature well. 

JD (51) 1 Biddle’s Richearon Bo Bo. A fourteen month old black and tan boy of good size, who caught my eye the minute he entered the ring.  Another superb dog from this kennel, who breed to type. He was certainly headstrong today are really tried his handler. Excellent head proportions for a young dog, his ear set and size are correct, lovely dark eyes of correct oval shape with that slight slant. Good strong muzzle for his age, and correct bite. Excellent bone for his age, good muscled neck, and well laid shoulders. Good coat texture, and presented well. Moved well, when he decided to settle and carried his tail well. Certainly one I shall watch with interest. 2 Jung & Hartwell’s Leon Nanda Deva Mistic Mastiff. A thirteen month old, almost total black dog, but with tan markings above his eyes. Liked his head shape and proportions. Well set ears and eyes. Good coat texture. Another one not that settled today, but did move correctly, albeit a little loose behind, when he settled. 3 Mamchur’s Supreme Trust Vinni Pooh. A fourteen month old black and tan large male, carrying a very heavy coat.  Substantial bone on this boy, good head proportions for his age, correct eye are ear set.  Moved well. 

PGD (6,1) 1 Howe Platt & Platt’s Showbull Country Squire. Two year old black and tan male of good size. So well put together, of correct construction. Carrying a good coat, tan could be a little darker. Good broad head, with correct stop, ears set and carried well. Nice darks eyes of correct shape. Good muscled neck, giving him a balanced outline.  Nice tail-set, well feathered tail correctly carried on the move.  Moved well, maintaining level topline.

2 Scott’s Wangdak Batarr. A twenty month old black and tan boy carrying an immense coat. On inspection his coat was so dense because it was well matted and obviously had not been bathed or groomed for some time, and I would suggest his owner take note of the other exhibits. But when I managed to get under the coat I really liked this boy. He was so well constructed. He was carrying too much weight, but still managed to move correctly. He had the most magnificent head, with correct proportions, correct muzzle and good stop. Groomed and presented correctly I feel this dog has a lot to offer. 3 Perkins Callowdale Harisch. Another twenty month old black and tan boy.  Very impressive when stood, but on the move was very loose behind and moved with no drive, and was unsettled on the day. Good head, correct ears and eyes. Good coat and tail set. 

LD (8,1) 1 Naylor’s Callowdale Dick Dastardly From Skaijak. A two year old gold dog, of good size. Like this dog a lot, carrying the correct gold coloured coat for the breed, of good texture and quality. Good tail set, and carried his immense feathered tail at all times. Lovely head, showing typical expression, nice eyes, correct colour for coat, and well placed. Heavily boned, but not overdone.  Presented in tip top condition, both in coat and muscle. Moved out well with drive and purpose, was at one with his handler.  Another one should do well as he matures. 2 McElvaney’s Chenpokhyi Zebedee The Only. Another two year old black and tan boy. Who presented a large and powerful outline. Lovely head and expression, correct eyes, and ear set, well defined stop.  Lovely deep chest and well set shoulders. Carrying correct coat and well presented.  Lovely tail set and carried his tail well.  Moved out well with drive and meaning.  Pushed my first very hard, and another to watch for the future, and I am sure they will change places many times. 3 Love’s Showbull Country Bumkin. Another two year old black and tan boy of good size.  Not as mature as the first two, but good for his age. Lovely head, with correct proportions. Moved well. 

OD (5) 1 Posokhina’s Angel Tibeta Arsalan. A five year old black and tan male of pure quality. A good sized dog, but not over done or excessive.  He presented the full picture. Carrying an immense good quality coat of correct texture.  Fabulous tail set and well feathered, carried well.  Lovely head, of correct proportions, good deep muzzle, well set eyes and ears.  Well boned.  Very impressive on the move and so well handled, moved with meaning and drive.  A worthy DCC and challenged hard for BOB. 2 Hollifield & Humphreys Ch Richearon Palden. A four and half year old black and tan male.  Another quality male, of good size and substance. Lovely head, and expressions, love eye, and correct ears. Good arched neck dropping into well set shoulders. Good coat, and colour markings. Moved out well, but a little loose behind.  Felt he was not presenting his best today.  RDCC. 3 Galos HCH/CRO Ch/SK CH Huangshan Bisurman. Four and a half year old black and tan male, carrying an absolute profuse coat.  Lovely head, with calm expression.  Good tail set carried well.  Moved out with drive. 

GOOD CITIZEN DOG (2,0) 1 Love’s Showbull Country Bumpkin. As above. 2 Sampson’s Dokhyi Tibet Gyalpo Chi An. A four and half year old gold boy.  Very immature for his age.  Lacking in bone and body.  Moved well. 

VB (2,1) 1 Hollifield’s Ch Tseepo Pabu Zonda Avec Richearon (Imp Est). A very sweet seven year old black and tan bitch. Carrying a lovely coat, presented to perfection.  Good body proportions. Moved out with ease and covered the ground well. 

JB (2,1) 1 Galos Ortipo Black Candy. A fifteen month old gold girl, of correct gold coat colour. Was not settled today.  Moved out well, when settled, maintain her topline and carried her tail well.  Nice eye placing and colour, good earset.  Needs time to mature and settle. 

PGB (9,1) 1 Parker’s Showbull Country Maiden. A twenty month old black and tan bitch.  She is a lovely sweet feminine example of the breed, lacking in many bitches today.  But still sturdy enough to do a days work.  A good head with correct proportions with a calming expression.  Good eye set and ear carriage.  Good quality coat, nice neck and shoulders.  Good coat and tail featherings, carried well on the move. Moved well, when she decided to settle. 2 Wilson’s Wilsonus Ulla. A two year old black and tan bitch.  Nice feminine head proportions, good eye colour and placement, eyes set correctly and carried well.  Good coat of correct texture.  Well feathered tail, correctly carried on the move. 3 Asquith’s Wangdak Cherry Of Baarnayotms. A twenty month old black and tan bitch.  Sweet expression from a well formed, but feminine head of correct proportions.  Good proportions for a bitch, but not overdone. Lovely coat of good texture and colour.  Nicely carried tail when on the move. Moved out well with her owner and moved freely and with purpose. 

LB (9,1) 1 Naylor’s Seii Taishougun Brilliance Star From Skaijak  (Im Rus). A two year old black and tan bitch.  A slightly larger bitch than most, but still feminine and in proportions.  Good head proportions, nice muzzle, would prefer slightly more stop,  Good eye colour and setting, well set and carried ears. Good bone. Nice depth of chest, and good ribcage.  She seemed unsettled today, and moved well for her handler once settled. 2 Parker’s Showbul Country Maiden. As above. 3 Asquith’s Wangdak Cherry Of Baarnayotms. As above. 

OB (6) Well this certainly was the class of the day, full of quality bitches, and I was splitting hairs between placings. 1 Kashin’s Pertro-Prestige Dzhiya. A two year old black and tan bitch of pure quality. I have to say most probably one of the best I have seen in my twenty seven years in the breed.  She just demanded to be seen, both stood and when she moved around the ring, at one with her handler.  Her movement was as near perfect as I have seen both in profile and front and rear. The sweetest of heads, all in correct proportions, eyes well set and coloured, and ears of correct size and placement, good defined stop. A lovely muscular neck, which seemed to slide into her withers, above well laid shoulders.  Excellent coat texture. Presented and handled to perfection.  BCC and please to see represent the breed so well in the group to take Group 3.  Congratulations. 2 Hachatryan’s Seii Taishougun Brigitte Bardo. A two year old black and tan bitch.  Another bitch of pure quality, and talk about splitting hairs.  These two could have easily changed places.  Slightly smaller than the first, but of good size and all in correct proportions. Nice head, of correct feminine proportions, good stop, strong muzzle, well set eyes and well placed ears. Strong neck, correct shoulder placement, lovely deep chest and good rib cage.  Excellent coat, texture and colour.  Good well feathered tail, carried well on the move.  Moved with drive and purpose. Immaculately presented and handled. Really pushed hard for first place, and this was the most difficult decision of the day. RBCC. 3 Pontinen’s CIB CH Wiyodan Washida Neeru. A six year old black and tan bitch of quality. Excellent for her age, but she had to give way to the younger girls today. Good head of correct proportions. Good quality coat and correct texture, well feathered tail, which she carried well on the move. Moved out well, with drive. 

GOOD CITIZEN BITCH (3,1) 1 Wilson’s Wilsontus Ulla. As abive. 2 Asquith’s Wangdak Cherry Of Baarnayotms. As above.

Richard M Gardiner