The well being of the Tibetan Mastiff and adherence to the Breed Standard shall be the primary consideration of every Member of the Tibetan Mastiff Club.

Members should not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise, nor mislead any person regarding the quality of the dogs, nor render the breed liable to adverse media attention.


The primary aim in breeding a litter should be to produce Tibetan Mastiffs that are structurally sound and conform to the Breed Standard.  Nervous or aggressive Tibetan Mastiffs are not considered satisfactory as pets or as breeding stock.  It is unacceptable to breed from stock with known health problems.


It is expected that dogs and bitches will be hip-scored AND ELBOW SCORED under the KC/BVA scheme prior to being used for breeding and preferably after the age of 18 months.

The BMS (Breed Mean Score) for Tibetan Mastiffs is available from the Kennel Club. and our Health Registrar, Judith Robin-Smith, along with additional health information.

To preserve the health of the breed it is requested that all stock is eye-tested under the KC/BVA scheme before the first mating and a copy sent to the Health Registrar for the Club records.  This will enable the Tibetan Mastiff Club to identify any problems that might occur.




The health and well being of the bitch shall be of prime importance and she should not be mated if she is not in good physical condition.

Because this is a slow maturing breed it is recommended that a bitch does not whelp before her second birthday.  She should not have more than one litter in a 12-month period.

In accordance with Kennel Club rules no bitch may whelp after reaching 8 years of age nor may she have more than 4 litters.  

A full copy of the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations regarding breeding are available from the Kennel Club website.




It is the responsibility of the stud dog owner to ensure that their dog does not mate a bitch that is in breach of the recommendations of the Tibetan Mastiff Club Code of Ethics





Every effort should be made to sell stock to responsible persons who are prepared to care for the Tibetan Mastiff and give it a permanent home.  Tibetan Mastiffs should not knowingly be sold to commercial dealers, retailers, laboratories, or as guard dogs for commercial premises.  Breeders should ensure that prospective owners are informed of the special characteristics and requirements of a Tibetan Mastiff and provide an effective advisory service.  In the event of an owner being unable to keep their Tibetan Mastiff, the breeder should be prepared to take the dog back or find an alternative home.

It should be noted that this commitment applies for the entire life of said Tibetan Mastiff. It is understood that there will be occasions when a breeder may need assistance and the TMCGB will treat every case individually.  


At the time of sale and owner should be given: - A diet sheet; full information about health, worming, and inoculations; Kennel Club registration papers (use of the KC endorsement “Progeny not to be registered. breeder” is recommended.  This can be lifted at any time by the breeder, but its use safeguards the future of the breed); and Pedigree of a least 3 generations.  A receipt, which should mention any minor defect in the puppy, (e.g. hernia, entropian, undescended testes, dentition) and these should be explained to the purchaser – as should the Kennel Club endorsement.  Giving of FREE INTRODUCTORY KENNEL CLUB INSURANCE a six weeks free insurance policy is highly recommended.  The Kennel Club wishes a copy of the Kennel Club Code of Ethics to be given to each new puppy owner.


It is inadvisable to sell two littermates to the same owner.  In a larger breed sibling play can cause injury; also training is easier with one dog at a time.  It is recommended that puppies should not leave the dam before 7 8 weeks of age.  New owners should be encouraged to become members of the Tibetan Mastiff Club.




The Health Registrar, the Officers and the Committee of the Tibetan Mastiff Club are always ready to do their best to help members with any queries or problems.

We wish to encourage responsible ownership, exhibition and breeding of the Tibetan Mastiff and contact details for Committee members can be found on the “Contact us” page of the website.


Notwithstanding the above, Kennel Club Regulations and Requirements will apply.


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